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Casa da Calçada

Casa da Calçada

Um palácio do século XVI, verdadeiramente único para o dia do seu casamento.

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Largo do Paço, 6 - 4600-017 Amarante - Portugal . 4600-017 - Amarante, Porto
Um palácio do século XVI, verdadeiramente único para o dia do seu casamento.

1 · The Location and the Destination

The “Casa da Calçada” - Relais & Châteaux is located in the Northern Portugal, in the historical quarters of the quaint town of Amarante, only 60 km from Porto.

The Northern Portugal is becoming a must for those travellers who are looking for quite and unique destinations, away from  mass  tourism,  attracted  not  only  by  the  peaceful  and  beautiful  landscapes,  but  also  by  the  Portuguese  history,  culture and wining and dining traditions. Amarante  is  one  of  the  most  important  examples  of  the  romantic   architecture  in  Portugal,  with  a  very  well  preserved  historical  and  monumental  area,  where  our  guests  forget  about  time,  either  visiting  the  Amadeu  de  Souza-Cardoso 

Museum or wandering through the narrow streets of the old town, or even enjoying the pleasures and challenges of the 18 holes golf course, situated only 15 minutes from the property.For those more adventurous, the Tâmega River, offers all the conditions for canoeing, rafting or just trekking following the river side banks.

The “Casa da Calçada” – Relais & Châteaux stands only one hour from the Douro Valley

, a World Heritage by UNESCO and worldwide known for its Port Wine vineyards, where our guests can board a cruise, while enjoying the dramatic sights of the

river, visiting the Port wine estates where, hosted by the owners, they will be treated with exclusive wine tasting.Porto (Oporto) City also a World Heritage, offers cultural and historical sites, museums and monuments, the emblematic Port Wine Cellars, further to a wide choice of Shopping Malls.

2 · The Property

2.1 · History

“Casa da Calçada” - Relais & Châteaux has been built during the 16th century, to become one of the Palaces for the Count of Redondo. During the Napoleon’s Campaign, the house had a major role on the defence of Amarante and the road to Porto, being the main head-quarters for the allied commanders (Portuguese and British). During the battle, and on its third day, the house has been destroyed by a fire. After these events (1817) the estate has been bought by a local family and than rebuilt.During the beginning of the 20th century, the house became one of the most important meeting places in the northern Portugal, either for politician or intellectuals, lead by António do Lago Cerqueira, born in the palace on 1880, and one of the most important leaders of the 1st Portuguese Republic.After an exile in France, where he became an expert on wines, Lago Cerqueira, returned to Portugal and founded, in the house, one of the most important wineries of “Vinho Verde”.

The property has been fully rehabilitated in 2001 and is now a landmark amidst the Portuguese hospitality treasures and since November 2003 a proud member of the

Relais & Châteaux chain.



2.2 · The Style

After a thorough study, handled by a team of architects, the original baroque style with some neo-classical elements has been preserved.The decoration, following the romantic style transmits, through the furniture, textiles and exquisite details, the ambience

of a family home, where guests return to the past and enjoy the tranquillity and cosiness of the several innermost places at their disposal.For the above mentioned reasons and Historical facts, the “Casa da Calçada” – Relais & Châteaux has been declared, by the Portuguese Government, a building of Architectonic, Historical and Cultural Relevant Value


3 ·  The Gastronomy

The gastronomy at our Restaurant Largo do Paço, with a Michelin Star based on the Portuguese regional fine cuisine, is already considered a reference in Portugal, not only for its Mediterranean flavours but also for the creativity of our Chef.


4 · The Accessibility

Our guests can easily access the “Casa da Calçada”-Relais & Châteaux, through the A4 highway, when coming from Porto international  airport  (60  Km),  or  through  the  A1  highway  and  than  connecting  with  the  A4,  when  starting  their  trip  in  Lisbon (380 Km). Leaving the highway at Amarante East exit and turning right, following the sign Amarante city centre, the traveller will find less than 200 m further, at his left, the signs indicating the way to the property.


5 · The Activities

Further to the touring activities, departing from the hotel and mentioned on # 1 (Location and Destination), the “Casa da Calçada”    Relais  &  Châteaux,  offers  monthly  special  events,  connected  with  the  art  of  well  dinning  &  winning,  during  which our guests experience, wine tasting, gourmet menus paired with the finest Portuguese wines and cooking classes.

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